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Barrens Chat: First posts make me hungry

Megan Harris

Greetings fellow travelers of time and space! Welcome to the first official posting of Barrens Chat, a soon to be weekly implement of random craziness. Although I know I'm not the first comic strip, and likely I wont be the last to grace these glorious virtual pages, I invite you to take a romp with me, Megan, as I drag forth those silly comments people make that they hope no one noticed, and glorify them with fancy colors, and ever-changing art.

I will point out that although all of this is will all be incredibly funny to everyone who reads it, including me; it may end up being a "you had to be there" moment. In that case, come back next week! I'm sure it'll be funnier then. No really, it will.

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Although this comic will be mostly random characters, you may notice a few familiar faces now and again as it progresses... mostly because I seem to attract rather interesting and amusing people, and also because I like to torture those I know best. Credit will of course be given where credit is due, and with that note, I'm taking credit for all of the drawings. As such, the drawings will change, as will likely the coloring style, as I both learn how to use my programs better, and (hopefully soon) upgrade to bigger and better toys.

For the first comic strip, I give partial credit to Takkaa from Shu'halo, for it was her first comment of "Hey, this Draenei tastes like marshmallows" that spurred the rest of this conversation between us as we went back and forth with an alliance who made the mistake of camping a shrimp of a guild mate in our guild.

I hope you enjoy the first of (hopefully many) weekly installments of Barrens Chat! See you next week!

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