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Bell Canada set to unleash LG Vantage and Samsung Ace


Bell Canada seem to have decided that cool, tricked out mobiles are what the customers are clamoring for, and we'd bet they're right. The Samsung Ace (on left) and LG Vantage are set to spill onto shelves in the very near term. The Ace is a dual-mode phone featuring both EV-DO connectivity and dual-band GSM -- No 3G in sight, sadly -- Windows Mobile 6 Standard, 1.3 megapixel camera -- seriously, why bother? -- microSD, and that lovely Blackjack look and feel. The Ace is set to launch May 12, though no word on pricing just yet. Also new on the scene is the LG Vantage, a really slick looking Slide-esque slider but with a touchscreen, 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and a microSD slot that'll allow up to 4GB of memory. The Vantage is set for launch on the 16th May and tentative pricing is set at $225 on a three year, $325 on two years, and $425 off contract. Well done Bell, nice to see a little more international roaming sans having to buy into a BlackBerry.

[Via MobileInCanada and terence889 on Howardforums]

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