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Card players prep for a $100,000 Legends of Norrath tourney

Michael Zenke

The yearly gaming convention Gen Con is a fantasy world unto itself. A 'home away from home' for tabletop RPG players, board gamers, and miniatures fanatics, the Indianapolis-based event attracts thousands of nerdfolk from across the country. It's also a mecca for card gamers, and has traditionally been one of the crowning moments in the yearly tour circuits. The World of Warcraft TCG has its National Championship slated for that weekend, and Magic the Gathering traditionally offers huge winnings to Gen Con attendees.

Sony Online Enterainment continues its serious support for the Legends of Norrath online TCG by announcing a $100,000 prize purse for the winners of their own Gen Con event. Championship qualifiers have been held regularly for the last few months, and there are still three chances to make it into the big show. Even if you don't make it in via the online events, players at the show will still be able to qualify by participating in duels on the Thursday and Friday of convention week. The top individual prize to the first place winner is $25,000. Attendees will also get the chance to play against the new Ralkor Bloodmoon raid deck. Groups that win against their evil opponent are promised 'phat lewt'. Make sure to give him one for us if you make it out there.

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