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First Ninja Gaiden 2 DLC: Hello Horse Armor [update]


With so much Ninja Gaiden news arriving this week we're having a little trouble keeping pace. What with the pre-orders, the videos, the generally liberal amount of blood, and the "Power Rangers for grown-ups" character design, things having been looking pretty good. So it was only logical that there would be some bad news eventually. In this case it's the return of the deadly Horse Armor Syndrome. Come this July, Live will see DLC the likes of which it has not seen since the dark days of the early Marketplace.

Each of the first three pieces of DLC is just a skin, just a texture and model. Just, ya know, Horse Armor. Those in Europe will receive a download code for their Dress-Up Ninja™ DLC packs as their pre-order bonus, but the rest of us will have to pay 200pts per pack if we want them. And sadly, (so long as there is some sort of Hurricane-Pack-thing as well) we really do want them.

Update: Microsoft has clarified that the 200 point DLC will in fact contain five new costumes, not just one.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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