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Hiroshi Yamauchi rolling in gold coins


After coming third last year, former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi is now the richest man in Japan, according to Forbes. Current estimates place Yamauchi's net worth at $7.8 billion, a figure that would see the 80-year-old place 40th in the equivalent U.S. list, and 149th in the world. You would think he'd have bought some new glasses by now.

It's pretty obvious that Nintendo's recent success with the Wii and DS have inflated Yamauchi's fortune massively; though he left the company in May 2002, Yamauchi retained stock in Nintendo, which was founded by his great-grandfather in 1889. "... Yamauchi's net worth soared $3 billion in the past year and has tripled since 2006, thanks mostly to booming sales of the Wii gaming device," notes Forbes.

"It's truly incredible," added Chris Greenhough, seventh richest blogger on the Wii Fanboy team.

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