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iPhone is good and done in the UK -- until the 3G version, anyway [updated]

Ryan Block, @ryan

The headline kind of says it all, but if you weren't already sure enough that the first gen iPhone's stint in the UK was coming to a close, O2's pushing to make things crystal clear. It's hard to imagine both companies are going to just stop selling such a high profile device for too long, but clearly we're all still in the dark as to when its 3G replacement will officially be out.

[Thanks, Keith]

Update: While European carriers are running out of stock left and right, it seems Apple Stores in the UK and elsewhere still have iPhones -- for now.

Update 2: Okay, and now O2's page is showing that the iPhone is once again available. Temporary glitch or preparatory? Beats us, but if you want a 16GB device, it's apparently still up for grabs.

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