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Midway 'modifying fatalities' for MK vs. DC

Ross Miller

When Midway announced that DC characters were splicing worlds with Mortal Kombat for a T-rated fighting game, we prepared our eulogy for the fatality, a staple of the MK universe that seemed to run against the DC philosophy. Not so fast, says MK series creator Ed Boon, who hints that the violent sendoffs will still be there, albeit in a tamer fashion.

In an interview with GameTap, Boon notes that the developer never explicitly stated fatalities were going away. "We did acknowledge that we won't be able to do the same kinds of outrageous moves, like tearing someone's head off and the spine being attached to it," he says, adding, "My response is that, no, we're modifying fatalities. But I have every intention to keep finishers."

What's left is to define, then, the nature of the fatality. Are they inherently ultra-violent? So far that answer's been yes, with the extreme alternatives being Friendships and Babalities. For now, we'll just have to wait for the screenshots to show us some kind of finisher that satiates our blood-thirsty desires.

After the break, a collection of fatalities from the series.

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