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Nintendo denies DS redesign ... again


As the clock ticks ever closer to E3, Nintendo continues to deny that a DS redesign is in the works. The only problem? They keep denying it, and that arouses the suspicions of naturally suspicious people -- naturally suspicious people like us.

The company has already swatted away claims made by Enterbrain president Hirokazu Hamamura (not once, but twice), and has now issued another denial to GamesRadar, stating that "everything reported online is pure speculation and rumor," and that "a new model will be brought to the market when we can not offer new ideas with the current model." According to the firm, there's plenty of ideas left to "enrich the lives of people who own a Nintendo DS."

Call us conspiracy theory nutjobs all you like, but there's actually a ton of very good reasons to believe a DS Lite follow-up is coming. Sales of the DS hardware are dropping in Japan as the PSP romps ahead (after getting a redesign itself), DS piracy is becoming increasingly widespread, and hey, Nintendo redesigns stuff. It's what the company does.


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