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Rumor: Rockstar to buy APB, release as GTA Online

Dustin Burg

In rumor news that initially seems a bit far fetched but eventually turns into a rumor that sort of makes sense, Realtime Worlds' recently purchased All Points Bulletin MMO may be up for sale with the targeted purchaser being none other than Rockstar. Yup ...

Rumor has it that Realtime may have secured the APB license not only to distribute it as they wish, but possibly to re-package it and sell it to Rockstar as GTA Online. Thus far, Realtime has downplayed the whole idea of an APB re-sell, but did confirm that one reason for their recent APB acquisition was "to look for another partner; someone else who may well be interested and have the infrastructure [to support it]." Interesting stuff. Seeing that GTAIV is all the hawtness right now and from what we've seen of APB, a re-worked GTA Online MMO may not be all that bad of an idea. But only time will tell.

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