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Verizon to take on Comcast in Manassas, Virginia

Darren Murph

Oh sure, Verizon's not coming right out and admitting that it's looking to go mano a mano with Comcast in Manassas, Virginia, but you can bet it'll be trying to sway customers away from the cable carrier as soon as it launches FiOS TV there. Not content with upgrading the network in areas of Southeastern Virginia, the operator has just announced that it has received a cable franchise from the City Council enabling it to provide FiOS TV to 12,000 more households in the NoVa region. Unfortunately, just 1,100 city domiciles are within reach at the moment, but Verizon is slated to string fiber to that other lot within three years. 'Tis a shame three years is practically an eternity.

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