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Ask Joystiq helps protect your DS screen

Ross Miller

This week on Ask Joystiq, we help you protect those scratch-loving screens on the Nintendo DS. If you have any burning questions, unsolved gaming mysteries, or just a desire for musings from our knowledgeable cadre of writers, drop us a line at ask AAT joystiq DAWT com (and yes, we write it that way for a reason).

Q: Do you guys have a preference for which DS Lite screen protectors to use? I've heard from people that the Hori branded ones make the screen less responsive which is something I don't want for my Elite Beat Agent sessions. So I'm basically looking for DS screen protectors that manages to retain much of the sensitivity of the touch screens, any suggestions?
-- Matthew C

Response after the break.

To answer this question, we went to our friends at Nintendo Wii Fanboy for a roundtable discussion on screen protectors. The consensus was that Hori protectors -- specifically the Protective Filter Plus -- are indeed the best available, and none of them reported any loss of sensitivity.

Now, as to where to find the screens, the Nintendo Fanboy crew advised against eBay, as many of the Hori screens found there are actually counterfeit. While once available at Target and Gamestop, both of those stores' online counterparts do not list them, and our local brick-and-mortar retailers didn't have them either. Amazon lists it as currently unavailable. Your best bet, therefore, is Play-Asia, which sells the protector for $11.99 (plus shipping and handling).

Of course, the NF crew also offered this sagacious advice: "Be careful with your screens." For more advice on accessorizing your portable, check out DS Fanboy's guide. If you've had any luck with other DS screen protectors, let us know in the comments below.

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