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Atari gets delisted by Nasdaq


As of today Atari has been delisted by the Nasdaq stock exchange, but the company states it will appeal. The company was first threatened with delisting last July after it failed to submitits year-end financials, then again in December because its market value was too low, and one final time in March for not fixing its issues from the previous year. The publisher will have its stock quoted on Pink Sheets and OTC Bulletin Board until the decision is reversed.

The delisting of Atari won't stop the $11 million buyout by Infogrames or the master plan of CEO David Gardner, Directeur Général Délégué Phil Harrsion and rest of the new Atari/Infogrames crew. Bargain hunters looking for a good deal might want to see if Gardner would be willing to trade some Atari stock for a casserole or some landscaping work.

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