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Battle Rage looks fantastic (for the PC)

Eric Caoili

We immediately cried out, "Bullshots!" when we sighted these screenshots released with Battle Rage: The Robot Wars' Wii press release today, but then we remembered that a PC version of the fighter is also in the works.

With a quick comparison comparing the image resolution with other screens for Wii games (and a bit of common sense), we were able to confirm our suspicions that these shots are, indeed, too good to be true. That said, if graphical detail isn't a primary concern for you, jump into the gallery for three new screenshots of the four-player arena combat game.

And, while the images might not be for the Wii release, there's no doubt that this European boxart is! The cover actually looks badass, you know, despite Data Design Interactive's out-of-place Popcorn Arcade branding.

Details about the actual game: 20 weapons, 10 arenas, 8 robots, special melee/ranged weapons for each robot, customizable robots, arcade mode, team battles, 2036 setting, yadda yadda yadda, convicts trying to earn their freedom by battling mechs for a bored society's entertainment.


[Via press release]

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