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Blizzard unleashes a storm of Lich King information

Michael Zenke

After months of silence on their in-development World of Warcraft expansion, Blizzard has unleashed a furious Winter gale made of pure information. Sites across the internet are reporting on many new and interesting elements to Wrath of the Lich King. We'll try to get across everything we can, with the help of our sister site WoW Insider. WI is flush with posts this morning, touching on every aspect of the game. They have an aggregate run-down of all the new Death Knight information (Gnomish DKs incoming), lots of general impressions from Northrend, and some amazing news about the Northrend dungeons. Blizzard has some fantastic ideas floating around in this new expansion - 5-man dungeons that only take about an hour to complete, raid dungeons that have both 10- and 25-man versions, and no restrictions whatsoever on who can participate in which instances.

There are, of course, numerous interviews out there. Gamespy's epic content drop includes an interview with Jeff Kaplan (WI synopsis), as well as one with the game's lead producer J. Allen Brack (WI synopsis). 1up's Legendary Thread crew had the chance to interview Mr. Kaplan as well, and their video includes footage of the new air-to-air combat we'll be seeing in the expansion. Probably the most compelling element to Gamespy's spread is the half-dozen videos all about the expansion content. Five of them cover zones we'll be seeing in Northrend, putting moving imagery in front of places we've only seen described with screenshots previously.

Additional news includes 1up's preview of the expansion utilizing the same dialogue back-and-forth style the journalists used in their recent StarCraft II preview. TenTonHammer has a lengthy look at the Death Knight class, RockPaperShotgun points out a pair of expansion trailers on the GT site, and Eurogamer has its own preview of the much-anticipated content. Probably most humorously, the Blue tracker on the World of Warcraft forums catches WoW employees just as excited about the new information flood as the players.

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