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Rumor: Napster creator to join EA

Eons ago, when many of you were in diapers, Shawn Fanning developed a program called Napster. The program was widely praised for its ability to allow users to trade media with each other freely. Eventually the music industry caught up to Fanning and Napster and the whole thing, as they say, is history.

Fast-forward to today. According to a report on Techcrunch, Fanning is poised to sign away his new company, the co-founded gaming social networking site Rupture, to publishing powerhouse Electronic Arts for $30 million. According to the story, Fanning and fellow Rupture founder Jon Baudanza will retain positions within EA and further speculates that EA has purchased the site for its data and stat tracking technology that allows users to chat and share gathered information with Rupture subscribers.

What's that old saying? Oh yeah. Big brother is watching you! Look out behind you! We can't believe you fell for that dude.

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