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Spacetime Studios regains Blackstar rights from NCsoft


Earlier this year it was reported that NCsoft had cancelled development on Blackstar, Spacetime Studios' intriguing science fiction MMO. Unwilling to let that deter them, the studio continued to develop the title, hoping that an enterprising (no pun intended) backer would com along to rescue the studio from limbo.

Well, there's even better news: Spacetime has newly acquired the rights to the IP, meaning that complete creative control is in their hands. From the press release: "After two years of development, the Blackstar universe is quite near and dear to our hearts" said Gary Gattis, executive producer and co-founder of Spacetime Studios. "Owning the IP as well as the engine and tool set puts a tremendous amount of potential in our hands. With all the developed components under the Spacetime team's control, the options for the IP are diversified."

Congratulations, Spacetime! Expect an exclusive interview to appear on Massively very soon.

[Thanks, Gary!]

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