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AT&T making moves to bring U-verse to Alabama

Darren Murph

Don't think for a second that AT&T is snoozing on Verizon's rapid expansion of FiOS services around the nation. Within the last month, AT&T has announced plans to upgrade and spread its fiber-optic network in Illinois and Wisconsin, and if it has its way again, Alabama could be next. According to a new report in the Decatur Daily, AT&T has "submitted a proposed public-benefit agreement with the city" of Decatur, and if approved, it could be the inroad needed to bring U-verse to portions of the entire state. Of course, no launch time frame is being discussed just yet, but it's noted that over 18 other cities and counties have already signed similar agreements. Competition -- it's a beautiful thing. [Warning: subscription required for read link]

[Thanks, Jamie]

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