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New mini-game teases more Mines of Moria content

Michael Zenke

Earlier this week, the second minigame went live at Turbine's official teaser site for the first Lord of the Rings Online expansion. LOTRO players are eagerly awaiting launch, but for now mini-games will be available at the "Unlock the Mines of Moria" site. This is the second game released to the site, the first being the King Under the Mountain dice combat game. Registered players not only get to keep track of their progress with the games, but have the opportunity to unlock videos, images, and even in-game items for their LOTRO avatars.

Swig and Toss is the name of the new game, and combines two great tastes into one peanut butter/chocolate whole: axe-throwing and drinking. Players participate for 10 rounds, drinking and throwing axes as best they can. Each round also includes betting, with players having to decide the cost/benefit of more drinking (more risk) vs. betting. When you miss the dwarves are pretty merciless in their derision, and eventually the drinking and throwing devolves into a blurry, moneyless mess. It's still great fun. Check it out at the official Moria site.

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