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Addon Spotlight: Steal Your Carbon

Sean Forsgren

Sean is diving, sunning himself and trying to drink all the cervezas in Cozumel this week, so don't feel bad if he doesn't respond to emails and comments. He'll be back in action next week, fresh and ready to re-join the Addon Army's battle for the perfect User Interface!

Welcome to this installment of Addon Spotlight! Today, we're going to take a look at another of Tekkub's addons. I've being singing his praises for weeks now, but don't worry, he's not paying me to do this. I enjoy his addons as they are simple, sleek and highly functional. Besides, eventually I will have written about all of his work, or perhaps not.

So, today we're talking about Steal Your Carbon, a reagent stocking addon. Here is how to get started; open the config window by using this command:
  • /syc
Once you're in the window, drag an item from your inventory into the little box. Then use the arrows to tell the addon what amount of said item you would like to stock. I use the "Overstock Items" option to make sure I always have enough of whatever item I am stocking. There is also a great feature that enables the addon to upgrade water automatically. For example, if you've been restocking Moonberry Juice, Steal Your Carbon will automatically update and stock Morning Glory Dew when you ding 45. This is a simple matter of selecting the "Upgrade water" option.

There's a couple more features, come on in the check them out.

You can also access the menu by clicking the Steal Your Carbon button found at the top right of the trade window when you visit a vendor. Note however, that in order to drag an item into the restock menu, it has to come from your bag, not the vendor menu. (You need to buy an item before telling the addon to restock it.)

Tekkub also hints at adding a feature that allows you to restock from your bank in the future, so look for that sometime. That is it, another elegant and simple addon from a mad scientist's lab. Enjoy it and lets hear some feedback. Dismissed!

Are you an addon-addict? Is your User Interface a living work of art? Welcome home, my friends! Every week, Addon Spotlight profiles a different addon, brings you mod-related news and dishes out free addon advice. See out what's been said and done in the addon community by checking out past features or our addon and UI directory.

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