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Sunday Morning Funnies: You are not an ostrich

Amanda Miller

From the training of a rat to a meeting of the altaholics, to a little bit of man lovin', this week's comics progress storylines, provide gaming commentary, and bring out the laughs.

  1. This week, The Scout Report teaches us a bit more about Ogre culture.
  2. On Teh Gladiators, Trevor tries to train his hunter pet, the valiant rat.
  3. Monkey Punchers goes all-out for the Man Love this week!
  4. This week's LFG was definitely hilarious. I won't even comment, so as not to spoil it.
  5. Shakes and Fidget are out for Rock 'n' Roll this week.
  6. Dark Legacy's NPCs are getting Stinking Rich.
  7. Okay so WoW isn't as customizable as the generic MMO featured in this week's NoObz, but I think we can all relate. Besides, Wrath is bringing us new hair!
  8. Ding! talks about altoholics.
  9. Quite probably my personal favorite this week, The Adventures of Disgraph T. Dwarf, Episode 14: Orphan Saga, Part 1.
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Voting results from the week of April 27th 2008 to May 3rd 2008:
The votes were mainly spread throughout the comics, each having about 11% of the vote and under. Still, one stood clear above the rest. If you missed Dark Legacy's Ana Hala Balablah, you might want to check out what 19.2% of the voters thought the superior laugh-bringer.

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