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A prophet returns in EverQuest 2's Game Update 45

Michael Zenke

This week Game Update 45 will be hitting the live servers, and the EverQuest 2 players site has a full update on the fun we can expect. For the most part the update focuses on exactly what we saw on the test center patch notes. Priests are getting a new mono-cure spell (a fix this blogger adores), weaponcrafting is getting an overhaul, and the guts of the Coercer class are being significantly tweaked.

What the patch notes didn't convey is this update's lore/story element. It seems that the even though the Hate brought into Norrath with Game Update 44 is waning, there's a new devilry brewing. A plague is spreading across the face of the gameworld. Goodly folk are invited to talk to priests at the Temple of Life in Qeynos about stopping it, while the baddies should head to the Sarnak city of Gorowyn to see what they can do to help it along.

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