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Acorn 1.2

Scott McNulty

Acorn, Flying Meat's easy to use image editor, was updated to version 1.2 over the weekend. Acorn is the perfect image editor for me: it is easy to use, quick to launch, and it tries to guess what I want to do with an image and does it for me (that's what I call service!).

New in version 1.2 are:

  • "Last filter" command for applying the same filter over and over again
  • support for JPEG 2000 images (they are like JPEGs only 2000 times better)
  • smarter Trim command makes trimming even easier
  • a host of bug fixes, UI refinements, and small features all listed here
Acorn requires OS X 10.4.9 or higher, and costs $49.95. 1.2 is a free upgrade for registered users.

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