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China flips switch on CMMB mobile TV trials

Chris Ziegler

Much like TD-SCDMA, China's looking to impress the world (or something) with its totally homegrown, totally proprietary, totally unused anywhere else "standard" for mobile TV in time for the Beijing Olympics. CMMB, as its known, is the protocol of choice for trials that have kicked off this month in Beijing and Shenzen (with Shanghai following on shortly), offering seven channels via a USB dongle. Portable media players and phones that offer CMMB compatibility should be available before too long, and by the time the Games kick off, the government body responsible for the build-out expects 37 cities to be online. We'd like to rail on it even harder, but let's be honest, it's not any more one-off than MediaFLO, now is it?

[Via IntoMobile]

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