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For the Horde! BlizzCon 2008 invades Anaheim Oct. 10-11


Blizzard Entertainment announced today that BlizzCon will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center (that's California) on October 10-11 and that tickets will go on sale for $100 (same as last year) in the next couple of weeks. Even though the event will take up three convention halls this year (instead of two), we strongly recommend getting tickets as soon as they go on sale -- last year sold out mighty quickly.

Official details will be on the BlizzCon site, but expect WoW Insider to cover all the angles as well. As per usual, Blizzard saves its big announcements for its own events and we're expecting one at its World Wide Invitational this June in Paris. At least we won't be let down with the company's lack of information at E3 this year ... because it won't be attending.

[Via Massively, WoW Insider]

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