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'Lips' and 'Ninja Blade' revealed, what are they?

Dustin Burg

Ready for round number three of the Microsoft Gamers Day 2008 leaks? Great! Thanks for being a sport. According to that same Microsoft press set that accidently posted all the MGD08 categories a bit early also posted two mysterious categories for games we haven't heard of. The two games in question are labeled as "Lips" and "Ninja Blade" ... so what could they be? No, really, we don't know. We're totally clueless and asking you your opinion on what they could be. Heck, we'll even start the guessing fun.

We guess that "Lips" will turn out being an XBLA game where players administer beauty enhancing lip injections to plump up the lips of insecure, wannabe actors. And for "Ninja Blade", it's a simulation game where you have a blade, named Ninja, who you treat like a pet dog. Now it's your turn to guess ... get to it!

[Via Joystiq]

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