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Pitfall Wii-vived for 'The Big Adventure'


Activision asks: "What could be more fun than using the Wii Remote to swing on a vine over blood thirsty crocodiles as retro-cool Pitfall Harry?!" We wonder: Uh, and how does one swing from a Wiimote exactly? Ready or not, a "new generation of gamers" will plummet to certain doom this fall, when Activision releases Pitfall ... The Big Adventure (oh, well, now you've sold us!).

Developed by Edge of Reality, The Big Adventure features "innovative, accessible game mechanics developed specifically to take advantage of the Wii motion sensing controls," as players waggle over pits, shake up evil "shamen" (shamans?), and twist through puzzles. "It's a completely new experience for the gamer," says Binu Philip. Who? (Edge of Reality's president. Duh.)

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