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Strong Bad could eventually check mail on Xbox Live, PSN

Jason Dobson

Today's launch of WiiWare reminds us that next month we'll be pointing, clicking, and harassing the residents of Strongbadia in Telltale's Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, an upcoming episodic adventure title developed for the Wii's new digital delivery service as well as the PC. However, while the title's launch remains dedicated to these two platforms, we couldn't help but bug TellTale marketing guru Emily Morganti in a recent interview about the possibility of Strong Bad checking his email over Xbox Live or PSN as well.

"Maybe down the line," she told us, "but for now we're focusing on WiiWare and the PC." Morganti added that the team feels WiiWare is a "natural fit" for the Homestar Runner license, which she notes has "deep roots in old-school Nintendo nostalgia." We're inclined to agree, given that the first Homestar cartoon was put together using Mario Paint. However, TellTale is keeping other console digital delivery services on its radar, as Morganti donned her diplomatic marketing hat and told us that "we'd like to be on all of these at some point. They're all great platforms for episodic content. WiiWare just happens to be the one we're venturing onto first."

Look for our complete interview later this week for more from Telltale on Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, including how the project came to be and how much kicking The Cheat will drain our wallets.

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