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Warhammer 40k MMO info update

Michael Zenke

The folks at PC Gamer (US) had the chance to sit down with Vigil Games' General Manager David Adams and Studio Creative Director Joe Madureira for a chat about their in-development MMO. The title is a little IP called Warhammer 40k, the gritty guns-and-gremlins sibling to Warhammer Online and the Warhammer fantasy RPG. The Vigil developers offer up a far-distant preview of what they're hoping to offer in 40k once the dust settles. From the sounds of things, the 40k approach to the Warhammer world will be a lot closer to the 'mass combat' style of gameplay we see in the miniatures game.

That said, the developers also made it clear that this is going to be a roleplaying game. As they put it, "Relic has the RTS angle covered with the awesome Dawn of War series - we are making an RPG." An RPG, but with a number of twists: guns will be the primary form of combat, incredibly customizable characters, no forced grouping, and the possibility of vehicles playing an important role in the gameworld. So far Vigil is saying all the right things, offering up hope that they're going to polish until they get it right: "We want each and every race to have weight in the game world, and feel distinct. We won't include a race if we can't do them justice." Let's hope that attitude sees them through the long process of bringing an MMO to market.

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