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Wings of the Goddess missions roll forward

Michael Zenke

The official Final Fantasy XI site has updated with the news that the storyline behind the game's overarching mission quests continues to roll forward. The quest line, which we discussed in Massively's Wings of the Goddess tour, features the antics of the mysterious Cait Sith and the time-twisting dancer Lilisette. Adventurers who are diligent about pressing forward through the content will soon be neck-deep in the dangers of the mysterious portals, the mystery of dance Troupe Mayakov, and the drama of the Crystal War.

The site also notes that Adventurer Appreciation week has just kicked off! The in-game holiday started early this morning, and the event will be running through the early morning of May 28th. During this time, Moogles will be hanging around the three nations of Vana'diel, just waiting to help out with a few entertaining trinkets. Past events have offered a variety of items, but the only gift we're certain players will get their hands on is the ever-useful Anniversary Ring. Bonus XP and a pack of Moogles at your beck and call ... good times.

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