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Celebrities and their Apple goodies


Recently, several of you tipped us on this video of US Senator Barak Obama quickly checking something on his iPhone (it happens around the 1:00 mark). It got us thinking of our favorite celebrity Apple product sightings.

  • Back in July of 2006, it was reported that Pope Benedict XVI had received an iPod nano from employees of Vatican Radio. The phrase "To His Holiness, Benedict XVI" was engraved on the back.
  • Britain's Queen Elizabeth II purchased an iPod mini back in July of '05.
  • U.S. Presidential adviser Karl Rove was seen using his iPhone in August of last year.
  • Actress, singer and all-around role model Lindsay Lohan whipped out her iPhone shortly after they were first released in the U.S.
So welcome to the club, Senator! You're in good company. We think.

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