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Evernote Mac 1.1


The beta just got bettah!

TUAW recently featured an interview with Phil Libin, the CEO of Evernote, who stated that the ultimate goal of the application is to be a "universal human memory extension." I've been using Evernote for over a month now and love it -- I've sucked all of my business cards into Evernote with my iSight or iPhone camera, and use the program instead of a card file. Evernote's text recognition simplifies tagging the cards, and I can use either the Mac app, the web client, or my iPhone to look through my database. Evernote's unique focus on images makes it quite different from other information managers like Together or Yojimbo.

The update has some great new features based on customer feedback:

  • Save PDF to EvernotePDF support -- Evernote can now store PDFs and you can print into Evernote from any Mac application. Image-recognition isn't working for PDFs at this time, but they're working on it.
  • Encryption -- Included in the last release, but not announced, encryption works with the Mac or Windows clients only, not with the web client.
  • Spotlight integration -- Evernote "memories" are now searchable, and you can create Finder "smart folders" that include Evernote content.
  • Mixed View Mode -- In addition to List and Thumbnail view, Evernote 1.1 has a Mixed view that shows small thumbnails with metadata for each note.
  • Vertical Preview Pane -- In Mixed and Thumbnail modes, provides a big preview pane with live search results.

Want to give Evernote a try? I have 19 Evernote invitations for the first 19 commenters who ask for one politely.

Update: All of the invitations were swallowed up quickly by a group of very polite readers! Thanks for your comments and have fun with Evernote!

Update 2: Thanks to Evernote, I have a huge number of invitations available for TUAW readers. Leave a comment and try out Evernote.

Update 3: Sorry, everyone! I can't send out any more invitations. But thanks for playing!

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