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i-mate's Ultimate 8502 clears the FCC hurdle

Chris Ziegler

On paper, the Ultimate 8502 and 9502 from i-mate rock specs that rest at or near the pinnacle of what's available from a Windows Mobile device today: HSUPA, TV out, integrated GPS, QWERTY, and in the case of the 9502, a true VGA touchscreen. While it's historically not been terribly easy to track down i-mate hardware in the States, one thing that might make it just a little bit easier to do so is an honest to goodness FCC approval, and that's what we have here laid out before our very eyes. In this case, it's the 8502 that's been approved under manufacturer Mobinnova's name; we haven't spotted the 9502 yet, so it's probably only the form factor purists and traditionalists that are getting excited about this one. We can almost feel the stupid-fast upload speeds from here!

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