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LG throws India a three-pack of new models

Chris Ziegler

From the very low to the relatively high end, three new models LG's unleashed on its Indian customers this month run the full range of price points while still managing to pack in music playback across the board. Starting on the bottom, the KP110 is a member of LG's Bullet series (we're not seeing the resemblance to an actual munition, but whatevs) and is being targeted squarely at first-time phone buyers with a microSD slot and FM radio headlining the feature list. Next, the Dynamite KP320's actually a heck of a phone -- 3.2 autofocus megapixels worth, to be exact -- with TV out and A2DP to boot. Rounding out the launches in LG's global KF510 fashion slider with a 3 megapixel cam and a pair of color choices. Look for the three to run Rs. 2,899, 7,990, and 12,250 (about $69, $190, and $291) respectively.

[Via Unwired View]

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