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Lineage 2's Fantasy Isle (minus Tattoo)


Lineage 2 players love the PvP opportunities the game offers, but even the most hardened warriors must rest sometime. Where do they go to spend some money on leisure? Why, to Fantasy Isle, of course! This is the same island that hosted the Bunny Money event we covered previously, but there's more to the proceedings now.

The Underground Coliseum is an arena in which PvP team deathmatch events concerning two teams of at least seven players each occur. This type of PvP is new to Lineage 2 and should help invigorate players who might be tired of the same-old, same-old.

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The Monster Parade is an event that occurs four times daily, in which every NPC in the entirety of Lineage 2 makes an appearance, including some monsters. There will also be special performances by participating NPCs and creatures, including circus acts and talent shows.

Future events are planned for the island, as well as the inclusion of mini-games and other features to really round out the amusement park theme. NCsoft takes leisure time as seriously as it does its combat, so be sure to check out Fantasy Isle!

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