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Old rumors once again take to the Skies

Candace Savino

We hear whispers of a Skies of Arcadia 2 game for the Wii every now and again, but there's usually nothing substantiative to say aside from "Quartermann says so," or even, uh, Surfer Girl. While we're pretty much in the same position because there's still no tangible proof, a German website called Sega On is now claiming to have insider information regarding the air-pirate RPG.

According to Sega On, the sequel will be revealed around the time of the Tokyo Game Show (so at least we'll know soon enough whether or not they're just playing with our emotions), and might even be releasing for the PS3 as well.

We've been hearing rumors about a Skies 2 for so long that we can't help but be skeptical. Still, that doesn't stop us from really, really wanting it to be true. The Dreamcast original and its ports were all well-received (this blogger can personally vouch for the GameCube version), so it's definitely a series that we'd like to see revisited.


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