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Tuning Adapter support for Media Center imminent?

Ben Drawbaugh

Despite the fact that Switched Digital Video will allow HD providers to bring us more HD goodness, it's been a bad word around here because it prevents TiVos in Vista Media Centers from access the new HD. But with the Cable Show and the first public display of the Tuning Adapter -- formerly known as the tuning resolver -- right around the corner, TiVo fans can see the light at the end of the tunnel. But at the same time, with no word from Microsoft or AMD, Vista Media Center users with ATI Digital Cable Tuners are on the edge of their seats. So we decided to hit up AMD and CableLabs for some answers, and while we didn't hear exactly what we wanted to, the response was promising. According to AMD it's "in discussions with all the relevant parties to address the issue of Switched Digital Video" and CableLabs was quick to respond by saying "the CableLabs specifications for the Tuning Adapter and the UDCP application extension do not technically prevent use with an OCUR." Of course all this really amounts to is a definite maybe, but we're optimistic we'll see this happen.

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