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Xbox 360 to get a smaller case revision in 2009?

Nilay Patel

We think we've already got a handle on the various chipset revisions planned for Microsoft's too-beautiful-for-this-world Xbox 360*, but it looks like that planned 45nm "Valhalla" combined CPU / GPU motherboard design we've been hearing about might also come in a redesigned, smaller case. That's certainly news to us, but TG Daily has the refresh happening on the same fall-2009 timeline we've been hearing about, so at least all these sketchy rumors line up. We'll see when we see -- it sounds like the 65nm Jasper units are coming off the line for that August release in the meantime to keep us all warm at night.

*Guess which Engadget ed had his 360 go RRoD over the weekend? You only get one try.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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