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Game Informer snags first pic of Guitar Hero IV drums

Justin McElroy

Some of you may have already received the June 2008 issue of Game Informer in the mail, but, for those who haven't, we thought you might enjoy seeing the first image of the new Guitar Hero IV drum kit one subscriber scanned. As you can see, the main difference from the Rock Band kit is that the yellow and orange drums have been turned into two wedge-shaped pieces elevated above the others.

Cool as it looks, we still don't have the most important piece of information about the kit: If it will be compatible with Rock Band, or if RB's kit will work with Guitar Hero IV. We like fake instruments as much as the next nerd, but two fake drum kits may just be more than our dens, living rooms and dignity can withstand.

[Update: Just so there's no question, you have to click the picture to see the full image. There is totally a foot pedal. Update 7/2/08: Gamestop, owner of Game Informer, has demanded that we remove the small thumbnail showing a piece of the drumkit. Considering the official press shot came out over a month ago (seen above) we've gone ahead and removed the thumbnail. Of course, if you still wanted to read the whole magazine, it's still out there.]

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