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Rumor: Gamerscores transferring to next Xbox console


A rumor in Game Informer (full text from GI after the break) states that Gamerscores and achievements will be transferable to Microsoft's next console. As far a rumors go, this is one many Xbox 360 owners might pray Microsoft wouldn't prevent from becoming a reality.

Achievements and Gamerscores are two features of the Xbox 360 that have developed a strong following, particularly among "ch33vo-holics." We can already imagine the internet hissy-fit temper-tantrum freak out we'll see if the Xbox faithful can't transfer their data. Although the next console is still years away, it would be unfortunate to envision Microsoft not allowing gamers to transfer their data effortlessly to the next system.

[Via X3F]

"We've also heard that Microsoft is already putting into place its philosophy for the new console, and one thing that will definitely be included is letting existing Xbox 360 gamers migrate their Gamertag over to the new system. Your achievements would also transfer onto the new system instead of having you start from scratch. Loose talk has also heard that Microsoft is already approaching developers about the new system." -- Game Informer (June '08)

[Thanks to Matt at GI for the actual text]

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