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South Korea lifts ban on BlackBerrys, sort of

Chris Ziegler

For some, living in a country where BlackBerrys were outright banned would be a fate far, far worse than death -- you know who you are -- but for South Koreans, that nightmarish scenario is a reality. Weird rules and regulations in the country make it difficult for foreign manufacturers to gain the same foothold that domestic powerhouses like Samsung and LG enjoy, and RIM in particular has been a total no-show. Turns out CEO Jim Balsillie is paying a little visit to Seoul for the Organization on Economic Cooperation and Development's Ministerial Meeting on the Future Internet Economy next month though (goodness, what a mouthful), and the Korea Communications Commission felt just a little silly about his visit in light of a nationwide RIM ban, lifting it just enough to allow SK Telecom to start selling the mobile email maestros to companies. Individual sales, not so much -- but you've got to start somewhere, we suppose. If all goes well, devices should go on sale some time in July or August with service running some 26,000 won (about $25) per month.

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