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Teens kidnapped and tortured over missing PS3

Majed Athab

It wasn't too long ago that someone was killed over a PS3, and now we're hearing about teenagers getting kidnapped, tortured, and possibly sexually assaulted all because of a game. This tragic story starts off with two teens heading to a bus stop after school last Friday in Baltimore. At the bus stop, the two were allegedly coerced into a car by four suspects, blindfolded, taken to an unknown location, and then tortured. The suspects were looking for information on a missing PS3 system and an unnamed game.

When the two teenagers couldn't provide their kidnappers with information, they were then released and strangely given $20 for a ride to a hospital. The teens suffered from burn marks and stab wounds. One of the suspects, Christopher Johnson, has been arrested and charged with kidnapping and aggravated assault. Police are still on the search for the other three suspects.

We're really hoping not to hear another story like this anytime soon -- or ever, for that matter. It's really depressing to hear about videogames being linked with violent crimes. These recent stories, however, have nothing to do with videogames influencing/conditioning violence upon people; instead, these stories have only proven that games have played a passive role as objects of desire while these criminals and their already innate decadent behavior are the real cancer of society.

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