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AT&T's U-verse could head to Glen Ellyn, IL

Darren Murph

Go on AT&T, dance like nobody's watchin'. Just days after hearing that U-verse would likely find a home in Baton Rouge, LA and certain parts of Alabama, along comes a tidbit suggesting that West Chicago could be next. According to an article within the latest Glen Ellyn Newsletter, AT&T will be "performing an infrastructure upgrade" to its system in Glen Ellyn over the next six to nine months "in order to provide better phone service, enhance and expand its DSL offerings and introduce a new video service to residents." Project Lightspeed, as it's dubbed, will reportedly begin to roll out as early as this month, but there's no telling how long it'll take to be totally installed. For more details, hit up the PDF in the read link below and scroll to the bottom of page 4.

[Thanks, Matt]

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