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DTS exits cinema biz, focusing on consumer market

Steven Kim

In its latest financial results, DTS announced that it has completed the sale of its Digital Cinema business to Beaufort California, Inc. The move netted what to us seems like a small sum for such a well-known brand: $3.3 million, with a potential of $11.7 million more over the next few years. Taken together with the sale of its Digital Images business (image enhancement and restoration) to Reliance Big Entertainment last month, the company is dedicating itself to its consumer lines. The company CEO noted the growth potential in optical media for both standalone players and gaming consoles, and this move is pretty telling of how conventional movie houses are faring with respect to home theaters in the marketplace. Obviously, the DTS moniker will not disappear from cinemas. Our home audio has never been envious of the local cineplex setup, so we're looking forward to hearing whatever audio wizardry the brains at DTS cook up for our home rigs!

[Via Audioholics]

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