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Funcom's official response to the Age of Conan early access sellout

Michael Zenke

Yesterday we discussed some surprising news: the Age of Conan early-access program you could pay to enter along with your box pre-order was "full". Funcom was, effectively, turning people away at the door. Today the official forums have a statement from the AoC team explaining why the program was shut down. It all has to do with server capacity, essentially. They're working right now to migrate their Beta servers to a live server footing, and they've only got a handful working right now.

The Open Beta closed up shop on Sunday, and since then they've been working to get their hardware setup squared away. The problem, and the reason the early access problem was shut down, is that registrations for the program spiked hard on Tuesday of this week. According to the statement: "Early on Wednesday the capacity limit was reached and automatically shut off. The entire program is now mostly sold out globally, with some local variation. We had no way of anticipating the spike we saw at the end."

What's interesting is that Closed Beta is apparently still running - they're milking that resource for data all the way to the end, evidently patching and fixing right up until launch day. In the meantime, disappointed early-access hopefuls are just going to have to wait for their chance at Hyborian glory.

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