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It came from the Blog: Revenge of the Orc-Moms


Last Sunday, It came from the Blog celebrated Mother's Day by taking a bunch of female Orcs to the Barrens and telling "Your Mom" jokes. I had a lot of fun and discovered that my ICFTB guildies were very creative. Daniel Whitcomb also joined us with Okasama, his Orc-Mom.

On Saturday, I was on the WoW Insider Show with Mike, Turpster, Amanda Dean and her mom, Linda Emrys and we discussed what we would be doing for the event. Turpster joked that we would be telling jokes such as "Your Mom is so supportive, she's like a suspension bridge." I contradicted him on the show, but he ended up being right to a point. Many of the jokes did begin "Your Mom is so cool..." and "Your Mom is so hot...", but there were of course plenty of "Yo mama is so fat..." and the like, as well.

Blunderbooze aka Mauka has some pictures up from our Mother's Day fun and Lachenrohl aka Mahmi blogged about it. I have created a gallery of the event, plus my choice of the best jokes from Barrens Chat. There are even portraits of all the participating Orc-Moms. [Update] Yermum also blogged about the fun.

Our next event probably won't be for a couple weeks or so, but I will be leveling up one of my ICFTB alts: Robinara, Robiness, Robinelle, etc. If you are interested in joining the guild for some casual play and event fun, come join us on Zangarmarsh (U.S.), Horde-side and look for anyone from It came from the Blog.

Gallery: It came from the Blog: Mother's Day Event | 24 Photos

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