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Lost in Blurriness


One of three things is happening:
  1. Lost in Blue on the Wii is actually this blurry.
  2. Our sight is finally going from spending too long looking at Doki Doki Majo Shinpan Duo screenshots. Mother said it would happen!
  3. Somebody broke in overnight and maliciously slathered our monitors in Vaseline.
As it stands, those are the only three explanations we can muster for these blur-o-rific Lost in Blue screens, the first English language shots to appear. They actually look a little better shrunk down (see above), but the same can't be said for the full-size versions. Are we being harsh by suggesting those smudgy textures recall the dreaded Nintendo 64 fuzz? We only criticize because we want this to be just right!


[Via press release]

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