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Medic Vision intros haptic Mediseus Surgical Drilling Simulator


We can't say we've ever felt the need to experience an accurate sensation of drilling through bone, but if you've always wondered what that was like (or, you know, are actually training to become a surgeon), you may want to take Medic Visions new Mediseus Surgical Drilling Simulator for a spin, which makes use of SensAble's PHANTOM haptic device for that added sense of realism. That'll apparently not only give you force feedback that's able to "distinguish between the feeling of different parts of the temporal bone drilling procedure," but some audio cues as well to round out the entire quease-inducing process. The system also comes equipped with a telelearning system that'll let a surgeon in one location show a trainee in another how it's done but, unfortunately, it doesn't appear to include an updated version of Operation to help residents put in those downtimes.

[Via Medgadget]

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