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Race Driver: GRID's multiplayer explained

Jason Dobson
When we're not shopping for cars online or squabbling with forum goers over botched video coverage, most of our time spent with Codemasters' cryptically named racing game GRID will likely be spent online. It's something the devs obviously understand, as the company has revealed what multiplayer shenanigans we can look forward to when Race Driver: GRID ships for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on June 3.

According to Codemasters, the game will have us eating the dust of up to 11 other racers at once on some 32 different online racing events spread across 80 circuits and 15 different global locations. The devs also note that care has been taken in "maximizing" the time spent actually racing, while keeping the minutes spent in lobbies idling in neutral at a minimum. Of course, our driving skills, or rather lack thereof, have us more interested in what the Codies call "full car damage," which will be able to be turned on or off. The laundry list of features also includes the ability to download ghost cars of top drivers to race against as well as a spectator mode, you know, for those of us who learn by watching instead of doing.

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