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Researchers tout spreadable, self-powered OLEDs


It looks like we could one day be buying our OLED displays by the jar or the bucket-full, at least if some researchers from Sumitomo Chemical and Mitsubishi Chemical have their way. They're now working on what they describe as "spreadable" OLEDs, which could either be spread or "painted" on virtually any surface, leaving an OLED screen that would be just 100nm thick. As if that wasn't enough, the spreadable concoction would also double as a solar panel that'd keep the OLEDs powered, something that's apparently possible due to the "similar, but opposite, principles" that OLEDs and solar cells work on. What's more, while the two companies are apparently still in the early stages of research, they say they're aiming to have usable prototypes ready within the next two years.

[Via OLED Info]

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