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The Daily Grind: How are we doing?

The last time we checked in with you all to ask this question, you gave us some really great feedback. Since then, we've worked hard to incorporate some of the things that you asked for, and have found ways to change up some other things so as to make the site more friendly and enjoyable overall.

As some of you may have noticed, we've changed our back-linking policy so that every first mention of a game in our recent posts now takes you to that game's website. (The second one still goes to the category for those who want more news.) Another thing that was talked about was the density of Second Life postings on the front page, which we had to find a more creative workaround for. We actually opted to test out feed-specific postings, using the Second Life category combined with their morning "newspaper" post. So far, response has been good.

Beyond that, we've also added more great folks to our staff covering even more games. From seasoned blogosphere veterans to relative newcomers, we've tried to make sure our staff is a good mix. We've snagged interviews and exclusives -- something we're continuing to ramp up even now. On top of that, we added both our Massively Speaking podcast and a Twitter feed, for those who like to get their news on the go interspersed with a healthy dose of us being very silly!

But as before -- we want this site to be all it can be for you, our readers. You've helped us grow like mad, and we want to be sure we're doing the best we can possibly do in return. So tell us, how are we doing? What do you think is good? Where can we improve?

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